Using Corpora and Concordancers

Corpora, such as the British National Corpus, are typically large collections of authentic text. The texts are taken from both spoken and written use of language in real world situations, and stored in databases. Concordancing software, such as the popular and  freely available Antconc programme, make use of corpora by searching and analysing them to help... Continue Reading →


Flipped Classroom with GrammarFlip

GrammarFlip is an online learning tool that is primarily based on instructional grammar videos that are designed to be watched by learners outside of the classroom. The idea is that after watching a video, the learner checks their comprehension through some online exercises associated with it. The learner is then required to produce a piece of... Continue Reading →


  Socrative is an online quiz platform that allows teachers to set quizzes, which students respond to using their smartphones (or tablets), having entered an individual room number that identifies a teacher's activity that they have set online. Once in the 'room', students will see the set questions on their mobile devices and progress through them... Continue Reading →

Text Reconstruction

Text ************** [yes!] 'reconstruction' (TR) programs allow the user to input a text, which gets turned into symbols, such as stars, where each symbol represents a character in the text. The idea is that, having initially read through the original text, learners try and reconstruct it by entering a word at a time that they think is... Continue Reading →

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